Friday, April 29, 2011

a bull fell in love with me

update 5/4/11
this is the dream I was having the morning John Crivaro died. I wrote it later in the morning but before I knew he was gone. I think I was having this dream sometime around 7... maybe just before, between 6:30-7. anyway i had it after he died since he died just before 5am... exact time was like 4:53 or so the news article says. interesting kind of. i don't think this dream has anything to do with JM, just thought I should make a note. 

below text was written 4/29/2011:

i only remember one part.
field, farm belonged to someone. with Dan and his gun. He shot a huge bull lying down right in the face.
But he didn't die... instead the thing started raging and running around in a fury. of course it came right at me first, though i was uninvolved. of course that doesnt matter.
it was a massive 3 ton thing dark brown and running at me as fast as it could.
when it got to me i braced myself for the pain but then he just passed over me and left me unharmed.
he kept runing at me like that over and over without hurting me but with force and intensity.
then it followed me around and i soon realized it was trying to communicate with me. then his eyes looked so sad and i realized though he hadnt died right away when Dan shot him he was still dying... just slowly.
The bull followed me like it was in love with me and seemed to just want my company and comfort. but it always had this terrifying prescence and it coudlnt stop running and raging... it was difficult to see past and not let myself become afraid. it was probably something like Beauty and the Beast.
little streams of blood ran down his face from the tiny holes... it was a shotgun Dan had shot him with.
i put my hands on his head and he was steamy and warm. but he finally calmed and laid down again.

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