Friday, September 24, 2010

yellow fuzzies and money-covered lanterns

backwards order:

tiny bright yellow bugs around in the grass
one solitary bug on my arm... fuzzy and hairy. no pain but seemed odd and i was unsure what they'd do. bite?
they never did hurt me but I wanted to get up but couldnt. i was lying flat on my back in the tall grass.
and it was on a slight hill so looking up my feet were a litte higher than my head. it was an awkward position to be in
and it made me feel more vulnerable. i was sort of paralyzed.
girl freaking when she saw the bugs, i think she was asian. i felt nothing, no fear anyway. just curious.

lantern with money wrapped around it, not US ciirency, seemed foreign. but green and papery- somehow familiar.
lantern began as a stopwatch, then changed as I held it.
tall grass, windy, overcast sky and dim lighting. evening

bags, overcome and bogged down.
group of people getting ready to go on a trip, group function like it was for school or work
loading car, preoccupation with stuff and objects. possessions
wondering if my things would get left behind and lost. loading them up in the car.

someone gave me a stopwatch for the trip. --docking station, low wooden bldg, like a cabin. kind of off in the forest
secluded place

the stopwatch had a very large face and looked old and it was pretty damn cool.