Sunday, May 2, 2010

something kinda Star Wars

large building
13th floor. hiding out from another guy chasing me

man staying in this room on the 13th floor. dark curtains. he was like the secret helper, against the main force in the land. he was an undercover guy. always wore a mask- black
stayed in hotel, on middle floor (13th) room 2-something.

I was running from just one person who was not affiliated with the main dark force in the land. something about this all reminds me of Star Wars.
on my in the hotel I was riding up on an elevator, trying not to be seen by the young dirty blonde haired guy that was chasing me. He was angry, there were lots of people littered in the hallways. someone tld me about his room, though i had no idea he existed when i walked into the hotel. i stumbled across it accidentally. like extremely good luck. he helped me though. there was another asian girl there and a few others wanting his help but they were being chased by greater evil than I was. I just had a pesky man after me, not necessaruly wanting to kill me but he wanted to do harm.
They were wanted dead though so they had it worse off.

there was lots of other stuff but i didnt write this dream down first thing after waking-- fool