Friday, June 11, 2010

German treason and Chinese Gov.. /execution by car

story unfolded in front of me, plot was almost exactly the same as the movie Sophie Scholl, which was based on something true.
She was in an anti-war group called White Rose; their pamphlets said harsh things about germany's actions in the second WW, esp about the Jews.
Germany tried her and gave her high treason and they executed her by beheading.

It was a group and we all sat in this room. I started to identify what was happening because they were telling it so loosely and obscurely. When they were telling the events it slowly dawned on me that it was the same story as Sophie Scholl.
except that the Chinese had found out about her actions and informed Germany. and there was no group or pamphlets, just some sort of other treason. and the girl's name wasn't Sophie Scholl. She was nameless in the dream.

Another girl looked like she was from the late 1800s and she explained in detail the whole thing and they sent her over to an incredibly old shelf full of books at least 100 years old. They said, "choose 10 books for our class to read for assignments"
I was sent with her and in the dream at that point our identities seemed to intermittently intertwine. I chose a book with partial blue on its cover. cant remember the title, pretty sure it was a real one, a book that exists in the real world.

Before the act there was a small part after moving from that group that seemed to be a "class" in school of some sorts, except we were really there next to the live action and it was like history in the making.
I went from office to office and my boss was there. We were having a series of meetings with her higher ups. I remember coming in half dressed and only a towel for the bottom half of me. I didnt feel embarrassed about it but I could sense the expectation for it. Then the top-most boss (a man I've never met) was missing pants as well and only had some sort of robe.

Later, it got back to the treason and the trial.
Even though the act seemed to have been done by a female, instead 5-6 young men were being accused. They stood on this large platform and I was off to their right watching. They were strangely being
executed by car, slowly. Stranger was that they had plenty of time to move out of the way. But they were completely still and waiting almost casual. not all died. not sure if any. all were injured. They were all very young, not one more than 25
Two of them switched places almost in betrayal to each other because that meant for one he'd be in direct line of the car and hurt the worst.

I was on the platform with my old high school teacher Mrs. Teut.
There was a lot of the color green around at this time in the dream, esp her.
She was asking questions but not listening to answers since there was so much going on. At first I thought she was being rude but she kept holding my hand, as if everything around were so dangerous and she was really asking questions as a way to be soothing and calming. She was subduing fear.