Saturday, March 20, 2010

Godzilla trickery and people-eating

[this is all out of order]

being chased by large Godzilla like monsters
hillsides, old houeses... always hiding. on the run FEAR

this was almost last:
shack looks like a workshop, made by little girls before the monsters came. thick bamboo shooting up in the sky, 20 feet tall,
all shoots of bamboo were neon colored: pink green yellow purple. controlled with electric lights, very pretty alluring.
we climbed up to avoid a monster (smaller) that was chasing us.

a stream nearby with brush..most was open pasture and LARGE HILLS> now stuff from before:

one hill he had stored a massive elephant and two flaps you could bury self in. hide. he took one side with my brother i took the other. gnius. the sargeant caem by (lion tamer in a way, except for these large Godzilla like monsters.)
he almost saw me. the elephant was not normal elephant but he was still viious and had a tremendous hunger for people as did the Godzillas.

sun was always just setting, tried to avoid beig next to the windows in the first part we ran from abandoned house to abandoned house trying to hide. it was a group of us at first like 5
later it was only me and this stronger,leader-like guy who kind of looked like Clint Eastwood. he was smart and brave and knew where all the best hiding spots were
he knew whow the Godzillas behvaed and the easiest ways to be seen

the Godzillas had been brought (probably by the sargeant) for one purpose: exploit the people and FEED on them.
they were eating people almost playfully. each Godzilla looked unique. some looked dinosaur like some like dragons some smoother skinned and mor elike a blob.
some could talk/ some could reason
but none seemed to think they were hurting anyone. it was their rght. they had no ability for mercy. if they found you, all you could do was run and try hiding again. once you got that close it was likely you'd die. very likely

the first house I went in was modern and two story. one of our party died here.

the second house was down the hill a bit and looked older.. made of wood almost like a cabin. inside the door were two heavy necklaces made of marble. one black and one white. they had square beads (not perfect squares, more like rounded bumby asymmetrical squares) and a large pndant at hte bottom. cant remember what it was... I took both and next to them was aletter. it was dated from 1929....the exact date I dont know...i tihnk 08/12/1929
the letter opened as "this is all Meredith's fault" meaning a company (not the reall Meredith though just the same name) but in the dream it was not a person. The rest of the letter went on to explain what they had done to cause this. the Godzillas coming.
I sat on a little bench in a room off to the side. it had a window and I was staying low from it but looking out. I could see more Godzillas in the distance and hear explosions....large footsteps.
this house had an archaic feel. an old fire place in the corner.

after I left the second house (which we didnt even need to do. i think we just needed to constantly move.
but I was alone after we left. i got separated somehow. i ended up very close to one of the Godzillas.
but this one was clever and very caniving. he toyed with people as long as possible and even lied to them.
he wasnt as tall as the other Godzillas but he was very calm. he didnt come at you all pounding his feet and loud. people were still terrified. he was snaky and quiet more stealthy, more like he wasn't going to hurt you.
about 500 people were foolishly gathered in a field with a massive tarp. they were all clinging to it and letting it cover them. they thought this protected them but it really could not have drawn more attention.
of course this Godzilla saw it and decided to make a game of it.
he began to lift it, just a little so people began running. He herded like sheep into running into a circle so the tarp floated above them in rotation, like a merry go round. the people below were all screaming, absolutely terrified.
every once in awhile he'd scoop a few people out to eat
just to hold the fear and panic.
they all kept running, staying near the tarp instead of running out and away. They truly believed the tarp would save them.
he went on like this for 5 minutes (or eternity)
until one side began floating up higher and crumpling sideways, leaving everyone competely exposed.
but he didnt kill them all even then.
he ate maybe 1/3 flying in a circle with his mouth gaping open. the people fell into his mouth like he was a fish in water...a whale and they were the helpless school, always staying in a group.

he moved to the middle and still people were only running in a circle, so foolishly. he actually started convincing them that he was full and not going to eat anymore. He lied and smooth-talked. Some were actually believing him.
he sat in the middle of their circle and they all surrounded him. they began to act brainwashed, non-coherent. like they were in a trance...a spell.
one girl with brown hair was young maybe 17 and he told her he'd give her a flight on his back. and he did.
she rode on him and actually looked happy. her faced was elated... he flew and she let the wind blow her hair and she smiled. it was almost like she didnt care that he was about to kill her. he gave her a smooth lovely flight
then he landed on the other side from me, laid her down and bit her head off.
I came around wondering if her whole body was gone. but all he ate was the head. it was vividly gory and bloody, her quiet motionless body and skin still pink and youthful. and a bloody hole where her neck ended and the head was gone.