Friday, April 16, 2010

naked lady carved into a hill & driving to IN for my brother

I "woke up" (in the dream only not real life) and heard about my brother leaving his vehicle somewhere and he needed to get it in order to get to work.
Well it was 7:00 and I was trying to make it there and back in order to get to Metlife on time. I decided to go help my brother and get his vehicle.
We go out and on the way it's taking longer and longer to get there. I realize after awhile, it is all the way in Indiana. I was mad but I kept going.
Once there it looked more like NYC and the traffic is heavy because some kind of parade is going on.
There's crowds and 100s of cars. I finally found his car a very very LARGE SUV all white. (he really drives a white Jeep in reality)
It was 7:20 by then ( I know totally impossible) and I was thinking, ok we have to hurry or I'll be late for work!
I got in and it was like driving a semi. I started driving super fast to get back on time. I almost tipped the thing over trying to turn onto an exit ramp I needed to go on.
But I missed it and went in this other one. On the way down it I realized it was taking me upwards and we had been routed onto a big huge hill that had a naked lady carved into the top. From afar it probably looks something like the statue of liberty...except sea-nymphish and naked..more sexual. Its seemed like a Hollywood thing or something.
I was like dammit now I am going to be late, stuck up here.
But from atop the hill I saw my way out of the city and which road I needed to take. I was completely lost before and had no idea which road to take out.
Once back down the parade people were blocking the only bridge out so I sat there and waited really annoyed.

That was it, I woke up then