Saturday, April 23, 2011

oozing melted sea creatures made from wax burst from a ship covered in cobwebs crash-landed in a field

in a large field a bunch of us were just running like kids and it was mid afternoon. i saw a giant tree sideways like it had fallen, except it was covered in what looked like thick spiderwebs. it was coated like a fuzz and looked creepy. the tree looked like one of those weeds, instead of a tree but giant weed like tree-sized. it looked gross. a girl ran up to touch it and we all told her she shouldn't. but it was too late. we were yelling, "no! stop!" but she punctured the surface of the spiderweb and hundreds of little spider came oozing out. and all over her... she panicked.
it looked the same way ants come pouring out of an ant hill if you disturb the dirt mound. the spiders were like insides of the cobweb tree.
then the tree appeared more like some sort of ship and there were figures coming out of the tops of the ship... like the holes that would be doorways leading into the cabins... but they were oozing out like melted wax... at first we thought they were alive and what was inside coming out to attack us. but then we realized that they truly were made from wax and were a man-made display and it was getting so hot inside the wax was melting. they were sea creatures in bright colors like an orange octopus with all its legs and tentacles. giant squid and starfish... all made from wax..  just fake and this misplaced ship in a field... like it was pulled by a giant right out of a museum and tossed into this field. the thick cobweb layer seemed to be the real threat.... and the tiny spiders.
they were the real "enemy" and represented alien life come to our planet. there was something more inside and those weren't really spiders.. only looked like spiders... but i was too afraid to stick around.

later i went back to town and everything seem unrelated to what i found.
there was a large ship in town too but they had nothing to do with with each other. this dream seemed separate. the ship in down was docked and part hotel. it was night by then so people were dancing and having food and there was music and lights throughout.
i went to the highest point in it and found there were parts of the ship i could see that you cant normally see if you're submerged in the ship. not paying attention having too much fun. my brother seemed to know this too and lots of other things. there was seaweed gathered in a hidden underpart and we were pulling it aside to find secret items. tossing it down to a lower part but then thought we shouldn't be moving the seaweed. there was so much more to that part but i can't remember.

the next dream was unrelated to that scene, riding in a car with friends and getting ready to stop by his house to get clothes. he lived with some other friends. i went inside and saw they had minimalist surroundings and it was slightly odd how they had almost no stuff. Dalton lived there for some reason and i ventured into his room. found a dark blue laptop and wanted to open it and look in it but was afraid of him seeing me do it and getting upset... i opened the lid anyway and it turned on by itself but he came through the door just then so i turned fast and started looking at this shelf, pretending to just notice him coming in and saying, "oh is this your room? nice." he walked over to his computer and shut the lid, i assumed he thought he had left it open himself. he gave me a video game to start playing: racing. at first i was making the car go the wrong way and didn't realize it. my car was simplistically represented by this tiny yellow dot and nothing more. it would zip around at unrealistic speed, more like it was cheaply made from plastic... like a metal ball in one of those mazes instead of an actual video game. i soon mastered it and was insanely good at it.

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