Sunday, April 3, 2011

cutting my own leg open but there was no blood

trying to get back home but lost. in some little town driving about.
pulled up paperwork for a policy (work creeping in my dreams i swear) it looked old like it was done  in the 1800s but the full name was Sue CEC ECE
the agent was named Robert born in 1969.

i was standing in a room nighttime with rows and rows of films, it was like a movie rental but it looked like a home. there was a light glow in the room as if only a TV were on and nothing else.
I had this bad infection in my leg so I started cutting the skin. i cut a slit from my ankle to just below my knee running vertical. I felt nothing, no pain. Inside there was this white foamy looking stuff that I thought was fat but there was so much of it that I realized it was the infected dead matter. so I pulled on it and it came out through the cut in one big blob. it was disgusting. but my leg felt better suddenly. it was weird since it didnt even bleed. and i never got around to stitching back up my leg.
this dream just had a lot of random unconnected scenes. i dont remember how my leg got hurt like that.

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