Tuesday, April 26, 2011

VR from 02/16/11 (i know, awhile ago!) *math class and late homework.

Morning of 02/16/2011
Recorded 7:00-7:13am

I had a math class and it was in the same room that I had 5th grade in. I have a lot of dreams in the 5th grade rooms; I don’t know what it is about it. I guess we had 6th grade there too but it was 5th and 6th grade

It was on…same side that Mrs. Thompson’s room is on, but it wasn’t her class it was the next one down. It was college supposedly and it was a math class and I, my bag was sitting, I had a black back pack and it was sitting on the chair behind where the teacher came, when the teacher came in so I kinda felt like it was really awkward. Grabbed my bag and I sat down, pulled my math book out. I saw everyone was doing that and I saw papers sticking out of their books like we had homework and I realized, “oh yeah, she gave us homework and I didn’t do it” I hadn’t touched it; I hadn’t done it at all. It was like I’d just plopped in the middle of this and I didn’t have time to think about doing my homework at all. I just kept thinking like “oh no… don’t have it done” Then I opened it up and I saw all this red pen and it said Adam Waters at the top and I was like, “oh no, I have his homework, crap” But it was all completely done. Like what I saw was his book. And then I saw that I had two books so I looked at the homework and it had my name on it. He wrote my name. and then I noticed the whole thing was done. It was this long packet and then he’d done it for me like he just completely filled it out and finished the whole thing for me.

The first page was like regular math. The more I looked at it, the more I realized it was like, it seemed kiddish ‘cause by the end there were some drawings that we were supposed to do. And on the last page there was a couple parts that weren’t finished all the way. The last page showed a bunch of farm animals on it; it was themed. We were supposed to have drawings. He did some of them. It was like a dog in red, chickens, cows and stuff. And he cut out some of the pages so when you turned each page you’d have one little piece like a children’s book. He cut a hole through the middle so it was like progressively adds every time you turn the page. I was like, “that’s cool. Wow he really went into it.” But I noticed he wasn’t coming in. And it was taking me while to look at that and the classroom was so crowded. My desk was really up high. It was in my chest. My desk was right up against someone else’s: Ty Furnal. I actually went to elementary school, and high school, with him. He was sitting right next to me. It felt so crowded and I moved my desk over a little bit.

I noticed that he wasn’t coming in the classroom, Adam I mean. So I was wondering what was going on. If he was, if he was going to come in or not, so I could say thank you for doing my homework for me. It made me feel relieved, even though I thought it was his at first. I was like, “shit I need to give this to him.” But… and then I flipped it on the very, very back. And it said: “From Adam to Kristin” …like with a “K” or Kristine maybe… and it said 2001 or 2002, I can’t remember. Like it was something he’d already done. And so he hadn’t really done it all in one night or something. But it seemed like he did. It was like just the same packet or something he’d already had in the past and it was already done. He put a lot of work into it, and he gave it to someone but somehow he had it back then he was giving it to me to save my ass ‘cause I didn’t have it done. Now he would know that I don’t know. But it was nice.

Then he wasn’t coming in so it was almost like maybe, maybe he dropped the class ‘cause he already has this packet done so maybe he’s already done all this stuff. I remember thinking, “he would have all this done ‘cause he has a degree in accounting so anything math, he’d already be done.”

I should be more descriptive huh? …about what was in the book.

That’s all I can remember is the very last few pages where you were supposed to draw pictures. I remember thinking… ‘cause there was a bunch of lines on it like… and I was thinking, “why would you put a bunch of lines where you ask us to draw pictures?” And that part was blank and it seemed like, “oh that wasn’t done” I was like, “Ok, I’m gonna have to draw some pictures real quick so this is done.”

Then I turned the page and saw all of it drawn out on blank sheets. And then when I got to the back it looked really old, much older than the rest of the packet like the pages were more worn. It looked like it had been that way a long time, whereas in the beginning it looked like he had just did it with that pink pen. I was like, “I don’t know how he did that. How did he get this in my bag without me noticing? Without even being here either?” That’s very sneaky. It felt nice though like somehow he was looking out for me… looking…out…for…me. And the teacher was like sort of not a strong presence in the room. They were off to the side. At first it was like a male like some person that was sort of like Evan Feldman and then when they were at the front and it was like female and they were very unclear. But I wasn’t really paying attention, I was very focused on the book and my stuff and the fact that my homework wasn’t done.
I was thinking I would remember this dream but I probably won’t. I thought that yesterday and I didn’t remember. Now that I’m spending time to think about it and talk about it, I’ll remember. Just like the other one.

Oh, the dog was red. There was a cow. And the other thing was, oh, there were quite a few pages at the end devoted to all these pictures and he drew two animals like that where they were cut out. The first was, you saw only part of it and every time you turn the page it would add more. When you got about 4-5 pages you finally got the whole animal. It was like little piece here, turn it again, then it’d add something more and another little piece, turn the page again and you get another piece. ‘Til finally you got the whole animal. (clock radio alarm blares) Oops.

And then, uh, if he w... then he drew a second one but it was in the reverse order from that. You started with the whole animal and then you’d turn another page and it would start taking pieces away until you got the end, the very end of the book, the whole entire book …there was nothing. It was like just this little tiny piece…something on the very very last page. So he did two but they were like symmetrical like that.

His drawings were actually pretty good for what they were (phone alarm blares) Dammit.

I remember feeling really happy though, ‘cause it was so, it seemed so elaborate, seemed like such an elaborate way to help me out… to do something like that for me.

So that was the dream I just had before I woke up about ten minutes ago.

The other dream I had right before that was, I was in my old house (494 McKimber). I was actually getting ready for school so they were kinda connected but they were different, the themes were different, and the feeling… the overall general feeling behind the dream. I woke up in my bedroom. There was something with Doug, something that Doug said… but I can’t remember that… I just remember that I was waking up, I was gonna get ready for school and (Dan’s alarm from across the room blares) Dammit, fucking alarms. That one’s worse. I really hate when Dan forgets to turn that one off because it’s across the room.

Anyway, so I went up to go take a shower and our bathroom was different than it really was. There was no bathroom upstairs in that old house but I dreamed that there was one. And, it was like in the hallway where there were there wasn’t even a room. It would’ve cut into where the closet is, if they were gonna put a, actually put a bathroom there. It would’ve cut into the closet where the master bedroom is. I suppose it’s possible, but there’d be no closet in the master bedroom.

…Went in the bathroom and it was very cluttered, there was a lot of stuff in it and it had a lot of my mom’s stuff, seemed almost like her bathroom. (chair falls) my god the cats are going fucking crazy. They always go psycho as soon as I wake up. Anyway, I can’t even do this! I can’t even record my dreams this way because they have to be so distracting. Oh!

I remember setting out some clothes and feeling like I never had enough time like it was rushed to get ready like I didn’t have quite enough time and when I went into take a shower I never got around to it and I had to go to the bathroom so I already go to the bathroom but I missed and ended up pooping on the floor and I was thinking, “Crap, I have to clean this up. I can’t believe I just did that.” So I started cleaning it and it really oddly felt like when I clean up cat poop and it looked that way too. And there was just this mess and it was so disgusting. I was so annoyed about it, cleaning that up… and…so…cleaned it up and I went to clean part of the toilet and I noticed there was just jewelry sitting on the edge of the toilet like gold jewelry and just pieces like a ring, a lighter and pieces of things I was like, “why are these around the edge of the toilet?” I really don’t understand but I moved them over to the counter and by the time I got done doing all that there was no time for a shower so I had to just go get dressed and go to school and then it jumped to the dream I just said earlier.

I remember the jewelry though, the jewelry on the edge of the toilet and then me pooping on the floor. So weird, what does that mean?.... (phone alarm goes off again) [END]

White Rabbit
by Jefferson Airplace

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