Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bosnian wedding and baby in a hot car

i had a lot of intense dreams through the whole 12 hours i was asleep last night, mostly due to this insanely painful migraine. but the dreams were odd and lush... but i cant remember most of them... I'm so distracted by pain. Thought I would put the most memorable ones up at least. Pardon my more lax and error-lade writing style. I just cant muster the effort.

one dream was the wedding of this girl Indira Hodzic. That's probably not her last name anymore because that was her married name when i met her. She Bosnian and used to work at MetLife next to me. She was interesting, must be since she's showing up in my dreams months after not working there anymore. We never talk now, and she's probably forgotten all about MetLife. Anyway, in the dream she was marrying someone else, a different guy than the one I remember seeing in pictures anyway. She wore a black dress, and for some reason I was one of her bridesmaids. I drove my old red Cavalier there and had my cousin Izziac with me. He's about 15 now but in my dream he was just a baby. I do really remember when he was born, which is getting to be an odd feeling. 
I had no car seat or any kind of child seat to put him in but there was a pile of clothes in the back he was all nestled in. For some reason I thought that was ok. He was barely a year old and just sitting freely back there, not even a seat belt. 
Once at the wedding, i scrambled to the front since it was already starting and I was worried i would mess it all up and make it look bad. It was an outdoor wedding and very hot out. People were splayed in front of a stage-like altar where the bride and groom were already standing and all the maids too. I ran up and realized there had never been set up to walk in with one of the groom's men. So it would have been an awkward unbalanced entrance regardless of me being late.
I stood too close to Indira at first, right behind them and slowly moved back trying to cover my mistake and not bring too much attention to the movement. Then the dream "skipped" and it was later and past the whole ceremony. I walked out into the crowd and wandered, saw a commotion far off. My mom comes blazing up to me with this worried/ intense look on her face. 
"Did you know you left Izziac in your car?" I suddenly felt a horrid, sinking feeling. 
"Is he ok? Did anyone get him out" I started running without waiting for an answer. On the way I thought, "How the hell could I just forget about him?"
I got to where my car was and saw he'd already been pulled out and people were surrounding him and fanning him, putting water on him. I broke through and sat on my knees in front of him, felt so sorry.... started looking closely at his face.
He looked hardly bothered, just a little flustered. I wondered how long he'd been out of the car and how hot he'd been. How bad did he look when he first came out? How much better has he gotten? Did he pass out?  I didn't seem to care how they got him out since they didn't have my keys and they likely had to break a window. I never even looked. 

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